These are the vital and timeless guiding principles that drive our individual behaviors and contributions to building a great company.

These will be instilled in our company and written on the walls in our offices. Our management environment and culture will be built upon and always be a reflection of these core values.

  • We are proactive doers and problem solvers that refuse to compromise on the quality of our work and strive for everything we touch to be better than before.
  • We do everything with unequivocal excellence and continuously improve with a commitment to measurement, performance and accountability.
  • We are dedicated, driven, entrepreneurial leaders that love the adventure of pursuing challenges and strive to be a little better every day as teammates and individuals.
  • We have the mentality of imperfect stars who are getting better and we lead through the strength of our effectiveness.
  • We have the mentality that both success and failure are opportunity for improvement and that effectiveness is not a force of ego, but a continuous dedication to refinement.
  • Oh, and we kick ass daily!
  • We build strong relationships with clients and foster camaraderie with each other through careful listening, thoughtful discussion, generosity, transparency and collaboration.
  • We take ownership of our results, hold each other accountable and don’t hesitate to send tacos when a job is well done.
  • Egos are checked at the door and we shun territorial pettiness and entitlements.
  • We are creative thinkers with open minds that like to create and connect ideas.
  • We are uniquely wired to seek out and find unique solutions both internally and for customers.
  • We believe work-life balance helps you be more productive, make more money and have more time to be successful in all areas of your life.
  • There are times when before or after hours work is required, but we don’t confuse having a career with having a life.
  • We give our people the structure, tools and flexibility necessary to promote high morale, efficiency, exceptional client service and a pleasant work environment without undue personal sacrifice.